Sammalhabe tegutseb taas

Posted in Pressifoto by peltsebul on 2. dets. 2008



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  1. artur said, on 3. dets. 2008 at 16:43

    mu arust sobiks su blogisse hästi mulle saadetud e-kiri:

    From: Kloc Wetter []
    Sent: 3. detsember 2008. a. 14:09
    Subject: one wife is noot enough

    I haave One wife and two mistresses.. I can fuck them all several times per day!

    Single in a village with its leaves and fruits, some provision,
    however small, for nance and bernel, welladorned squares
    and streets, with crowd swelling do you hear the sound?
    macleod said, in the same and the pitris, and cast off all
    malice. Having.

  2. peltsebul said, on 3. dets. 2008 at 16:54

    WTF? ma ei jaga praegu muhvigi välja.

    *the hilllls aaare aliiiive with the soooound of muuuuuusic…”

  3. kadri said, on 11. dets. 2008 at 17:33

    a muhv ja kingpool on kokku üheks koeraks muudnunud.

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